Flow With Your Creative Spirit!
Flow With Your Creative Spirit!
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About Me

Hello Lovelies!

My name is Pamela Paille, I am the owner and creator of Yumichan Studios. I am a small independent artist from a small town called The City of Temiskaming Shores (if you are from here specifically, Haileybury.). My business is currently based out of this small town, in my home!  I started drawing from an incredibly young age and that quickly sparked a passion. I grew up using art to cope up with my emotions, so each piece I make has a part of my soul. I specialize in Manga/Comic work; however, you can always find me experimenting with various mediums.

I went to school for Fine Arts, however I quickly found that this was not the route for me and since then have been self-teaching myself a lot of the things I know today. I    am still in the process of expending some of  the area’s I work with. That will be a secret! I  use YouTube and Twitch a lot to create videos and livestreams for everyone to enjoy and other various social medias to interact with everyone! My goal is to create things that I love, and hope that you will enjoy as well!